High Park Ski Club

Downhill Cancellation Policy

CANCELLATION DEADLINES - Cancellation for a weekend day trip (Saturday or Sunday) must be received before 8:00 pm on the Wednesday before the trip departure.   Cancellation for a Monday day trip must also be received before 8:00 pm on the Wednesday before trip the departure.  Cancellation for a Wednesday day trip must be received before 8:00 pm on the Sunday before trip departure. 

Members who cancel before the above noted deadlines will receive a full refund. 

CANCELLATION PROCESS - You can no longer cancel a day trip registration yourself as in past years.  You must request a cancellation by sending an email to cancellations@hpsc.ca before the deadlines listed above.  Please include the trip number, destination and your name in the subject line.  Please repeat that in the body of the email along with the invoice number from the initial registration email you received.  

NOTE: HPSC will only accept cancellations made by email to cancellations@hpsc.ca.  Do not use any other email address or leave a telephone message in the Day Trips voice box.  

CANCELLATION POLICY - In the event that High Park Ski Club cancels a day trip, a full refund will be issued.  Refunds require a minimum of two weeks to be processed. 

NO SHOW REFUND POLICY – If a member does not show up for a fully prepaid day trip,  the member will receive a refund for the lift ticket portion of the day trip only.  No refund will be issued for the cost of the bus seat.  Partial refunds also require at least two weeks to be processed,  please allow the appropriate time before inquiring.

 VOUCHERS - To redeem a bus voucher, a member must indicate online that they are using a bus voucher.  The paper bus voucher MUST BE presented to the Day Bus Captain on the bus. If the voucher is not presented, the member will be required to pay, by cash, the cost of the bus seat immediately to the Bus Captain. Failure to pay for the bus seat will result in the member purchasing their day lift ticket from the resort and not participating in the HPSC group lift ticket purchase. Please note bus vouchers are transferable however any misuse or misrepresentation may result in loss of day trip booking privileges.

BUS PICK UP/DROP OFF LOCATION – The Bay and Queen’s Quay pick up/drop off location applies only to bus trips that require two or more buses.  If the location is not used, the member will have to find their way to one of the other locations used for that trip.  ALWAYS check the HPSC website or SnoPhone for up to date trip information.  

OUTSTANDING BALANCES – Online booking will be denied to any member who has monies owing to the Club.  Online privileges will be restored upon receipt of payment of outstanding monies.  

HPSC reserves the right to cancel a seat reservation, a bus or trip due to any reason whatsoever including overbooked trips,  lack of member participation for the trip and/or adverse resort or weather conditions.  If a bus is cancelled by HPSC, you will receive a cancellation notice. If you receive a cancellation notice as the trip is overbooked, you are not allowed to board the bus as a seat is not reserved for you.  Lessons will not be offered if  the trip is cancelled.

HPSC also reserves the right to change the resort destination due to snow or weather conditions or closure of the ski resort.