High Park Ski Club

Member Testimonials

After casually snowboarding for about ten years, I was getting frustrated because my skills were not improving. HPSC helped me rediscover the joy of snowboarding by teaching me new skills in a comfortable and non-judgmental environment. The friendly instructors made it easy for me to refine my technique and enabled me to attain my level 1 CASI certification.


Impressed by Customer Service

Y’know, despite being a volunteer-run organization, you guys are generally more responsive than many corporations I deal with. Kudos to you and your colleagues. Better ask for a raise! Thanks again for your help

Michael Stern

Made to Feel Welcome at HPSC

I was also made to feel very welcome on the bus being my first outing. I sat next to a wonderful lady with Turkish Delite! Karen was our instructor and is she ever awesome. I even entered a race that same day because of Karen. My first lesson in years!!! And then to even make it a more memorable experience, I won first prize as best "rookie" the High Velocity CD. How cool was that?

I never met a group that made me feel so welcome and had so much fun right off the bat.

Jan Silverman

New Member connects with HPSC

I am a very new member and I wanted to take a moment and give you my impressions. Firstly, your web page is great. I joined through the webpage and purchased my first Wednesday outing without a hitch! I was very impressed with the friendly welcome I received on the bus. I was really made to feel that I was a valued member of the group, even though some members had been going on these trips for decades. That kind of welcome is really nice when you are feeling like a complete stranger. The lesson was superb...thanks Bonnie. It also helped me become connected to other people in the group, so I had someone to ski with. Wow, I haven’t had a ski lesson in twenty years so I have a lot of catching up to do, and I look forward to taking a lesson every day. That alone is worth the cost of joining...what a bargain! And lastly, the food extravaganza on the trip home was the crowning glory to a really fun day. Even though the weather was less than stellar, I still had a memorable ski day. I’m sure that there are many more for me in the future. Can’t wait till next Wednesday!

Greg McPhee

New Member is WOW’d by HPSC lessons

I just joined the HPSC in January after my friend Matthew invited me to a guests day. All I had to say, was WOW. I never had so much fun falling and getting knocked around on these hills at Mt.St Louis! It didn’t take much for me to fall in love with the sport, and it’s all thanks to the members and the instructors, and the organizers of High Park. The trips are so well organized, the members are super friendly, and the instructors are absolutely top notch! You really advance quickly after each time you take a day trip, as the instructors take the time to assess your problem areas, and have step by step solutions to improve your technique. I will definitely be joining again for next year.

Susan Allardyce

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