High Park Ski Club

Platinum Ski Series

Steps: 5, 6, and 7

Six Days Breaking Through to the Next Level!

MSLM Jan 6, 13, 20, Feb 3, 17: BLUE Feb 10

This is a 6-week series format and the features outlined below will provide an extra boost for those interested in breaking through to the next ski level. In this program you will work together with the same instructor over a 6-week period. The Platinum Ski Series includes:

♦ Two videotaping sessions where the instructor will provide you with feedback on your skiing, and provide you with copies of the video clips

♦ Weekly email ski tips on ways to improve your skiing

♦ A variety of terrain – Mt St. Louis/Moonstone (MSLM) & Blue Mountain (Blue)

♦ A Platinum Ski Manual to assist you in understanding skiing concepts

♦ A ski series email, where you will be able to contact the coordinator at any time: HPSCPlatinum@yahoo.com

♦ A Platinum Ski Series Certificate

♦ Ski assessment on Jan 6 for your opening class designation

♦ All classes are on Saturdays 

♦ There is NO additional cost for this series

By the end of this series you will be better able to handle more difficult and challenging terrain; be more aware of how to adjust your skiing, when things just don’t feel right; and be a smoother, more confident skier.

Space is limited and you must pre-sign through the Platinum Ski Series Coordinators. Please contact us at HPSCPlatinum@yahoo.com

Program Leader: Steven Schwartz  HPSCPlatinum@yahoo.com