High Park Ski Club

Snowshoe Day Trips

HPSC has an enthusiastic group of snowshoers who welcome your company on the trails this winter. We love getting into the woods to enjoy the quiet beauty of winter and benefiting from a great cardio workout, and we think you will too.

Our snowshoe outings are listed as part of the X-Country Day Trip Schedule. Join us for these great activities.

Upcoming events

Introduction to snowshoeing

Never tried it? Come with us to Scenic Caves in January to see what it’s all about. We’ll help you rent snowshoes, strap them on and take you out on the easy trails to try them out.

Guided snowshoeing

We offer several guided snowshoe tours at x-country destinations like Arrowhead Provincial Park and Horseshoe Valley.

Moonlight snowshoeing in the city

Join us on Tuesday evenings under the full moon!