High Park Ski Club

Skiing with Mindfulness

Steps:  5 and 6

Mondays @ BLUE MOUNTAIN - Pay attention to what is happening in the present moment

 Jan 8, 15, 22, 29 Feb 5, 12  - Sign up for one day or sign up for the series!

These days Mindfulness is all the rage.  People are recommending it for stress and anxiety.  Mindfulness approaches are being developed for a variety of sports such as golf and other performance oriented activities.

What is Mindfulness?  While there are many definitions, most emphasize paying attention to the present moment, and noticing what is happening with your thoughts, emotions, body sensations, and external environment.

How does it work?  By learning to let go of the need for a specific future outcome, the body relaxes and performance improves!

Who will benefit?  Did we mention stress and anxiety?  If you feel that your thoughts and emotions are interfering with your performance, if you want to progress your skiing skills, then try a mindfulness approach.  As well as skiing technique, we will work with breathing and relaxation techniques, and how to approach each run to reduce anxiety and increase enjoyment!

This program will be taught by an experienced mindful yoga and meditation teacher who has also been teaching skiing for many years.

Space is limited, please contact the program leader to sign-up.

Program Leaders  Peg McPhedran, pmcphedran75@gmail.com, 705-293-1727