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Let's Embrace Winter Together!

High Park Ski Club skis and snowshoes at a wide variety of cross-country ski and snowshoe resorts in Ontario. You will never get bored!

Cross-Country Ski & Snowshoe Day Trip Destinations 

Check our day trip schedule during the season to see when we visit each of the following locations. 

Hardwood Ski and Bike

Located just north of Barrie, Hardwood Ski and Bike (or, Hardwood) offers over 30 km of groomed trails for classic and skate skiers, 6 km of ungroomed backcountry trails for classic skiers, and 10km of snowshoe trails. The ski shop is equipped with both recreational and performance ski or snowshoe rentals (Hardwood is a great option to try out higher end equipment). They have an excellent ski shop if you want to buy gear or clothing. There's a caterer that offers one hot food option on weekends and they also have a limited selection of cold items (e.g. sandwiches, candy bars etc.). Bags can be stored in the basement of the chalet.

Highlands Nordic

Located south of Collingwood, Highlands Nordic has over 20 km of trails groomed for both skate and classic skiing and 7km of snowshoe trails (with the Bruce Trail nearby). It has a chalet with delicious soups, chili, and sandwiches, an excellent ski shop, and good quality ski and snowshoe rentals. We always get a private room where you can store bags and eat lunch. They have an excellent ski shop if you want to buy gear and clothing. 

Horseshoe Valley

Located just north of Barrie, Horseshoe Resort provides over 30 km of trails groomed for classic and skate and 8km of snowshoe trails. Rentals are available. Note that the chalet is reduced in size as they had to close the upper floor with the cafeteria. There is no food available. You can walk across the street to the alpine resort for food and to warm up. For this reason, we do not go to Horseshoe Valley right now. When they renovate the chalet (hopefully), we will go again.

Georgian Nordic

Located near Parry Sound, the Georgian Nordic Ski and Canoe Club maintains 30 km of groomed classic and skate trails on 200 acres of land atop the Canadian Shield. There is 15km of beautiful snowshoeing. There is a heated lodge and a waxing hut with ski and snowshoe rentals, but no snack bar, so bring your own food.

Scenic Caves Nordic Centre 

Located at the top of the Blue Mountains near Collingwood, Scenic Caves has a total of 27 km of groomed classic and skate ski trails and 10km of snowshoe trails including one that takes you across Ontario’s longest suspension footbridge. There are spectacular views of Georgian Bay. They have a chalet with hot (soup etc.) and cold food options, and offer ski and snowshoe rentals. We always get a private log cabin where you can store your bags, eat and warm up.

Arrowhead Provincial Park

Located just west of Algonquin Provincial Park near Huntsville, Arrowhead boasts 29 km of classic trails, 12 km of skate trails, and 6km of snowshoe trails. There is no ski shop, but there are ski and snowshoe rentals. There is a modern chalet, but no food options (there is water, coffee, tea). We can't store bags inside, so after arrival, you can take them in to change etc., but then must bring them back to the bus. For this reason, the bus is open for lunch so you can grab your food (or take it with you).

Wasaga Beach (Blueberry Trails)

Wasaga Nordic has 30 km mostly classic ski trails, about 10km of skate ski trails, and 8km of snowshoe trails in the 500-hectare wooded Dunes area of the Provincial Park. There is a small heated lodge with rentals. No food (just chocolate bars etc.); bring your lunch. Bags can be stored in the main chalet or wax hut. Space is limited, so try to be respectful and only bring in what is necessary.

Mansfield Outdoor Centre

Located one hour north of Toronto, Mansfield maintains 35 km of groomed classic trails, 10km groomed skate trails, and limited snowshoe trails through the Dufferin Woods. Enjoy the rustic lodge with a wood-burning stove and homemade soup from their small cafeteria. Ski and snowshoe rentals are available. We don't often schedule trips here anymore as they rarely get enough snow to properly groom more than a couple weekends a year.

Kawartha Nordic (not on map)

Located north of Peterborough, Kawartha Nordic maintains 46k of classic trails, 27km of skate trails, and 9km of snowshoe trails. There are rustic cabins throughout the trail system (so you can bring your lunch on the trails if you want) and a beautiful main lodge to store bags (they usually reserve a corner for us!) and warm up/eat. There is usually water, but no food, so bring your lunch. Ski and snowshoe rentals are available.

Kolapore Uplands

The Kolapore Uplands Wilderness backcountry ski trails are located on the eastern edge of Beaver Valley near Collingwood. Approximately 50 km of marked, rugged, ungroomed trails are primarily designed for intermediate to advanced cross-country skiers. One section of trails is appropriate for beginners. There are no warm-up huts and no rental equipment. This location is ideal for the wilderness experience. Snowshoeing is not permitted. We try to visit Kolapore once a year in combination with a trip to Highlands, depending on conditions (you need a lot of snow) and availability of guides.

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