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General Daytrip Information

Where does HPSC ski and snowboard?

We ski and snowboard at destinations within a 2-3-hour drive from Toronto. All offer a full range of facilities, rentals and a cafeteria for lunch and drinks. To learn more about where we go, click here.

Our daytrips are for both skiers and snowboarders, as you can do both sports at all the resorts we visit. There are many members who enjoy both throughout the season and for those who want to try out a different sport, we offer cross over days too.

How much does a daytrip cost?

The cost of a trip depends on where and when we go, as each resort sets their own lift pass costs. The cost of the coach remains constant so this is why you'll see a difference. To see a cost comparison between traveling with us or going on your own, visit our Downhill Day Trips page.

When will upcoming daytrips be posted on the website?

Daytrips will be posted on the website on a rolling basis, typically the month before the trip. You can register for the trip once is is posted on the Downhill Registration Page. 

For a full schedule of the 2018/2019 daytrips, click here.

Where and when do I get the bus?

Our pickup points are;

  • Bloor & Indian Road (all trips)
  • Yonge & Davenport (select trips)
  • Yonge & Eglinton (all trips)
  • Yonge & York Mills (all trips)
  • Hwy 7 & 400 (all trips)
  • Bay & Queen's Quay (2-bus trips only)

To make it easier to find these locations, we've created a map to show you exactly where to wait for the bus.

What time does the bus leave?

Departure times depend on the day, the hill and the number of buses leaving. You will receive a confirmation email the day before the trip with the departure times for your bus.

MSLM Saturday
One Bus Trip Two Bus Trip
Bloor & Indian Rd 7:00 AM Bus 1
Yonge & Eglington 7:30 AM Queens Quay & Bay 7:00 AM
Yonge & York Mills 7:40AM Bloor & Indian Rd 7:30 AM
400 & Hwy 7 8:00 AM 400 & Hwy 7 8:00 AM
Bus 2
Yonge & Eglington 7:30 AM

Yonge & York Mills 7:40 AM
400 & Hwy 7 8:00 AM

Blue Mountain Sunday
One Bus Trip Two Bus Trip
Bloor & Indian Rd 6:45 AM Bus 1
Yonge & Eglington 7:15 AM Queens Quay & Bay 6:45AM
Yonge & York Mills 7:25 AM Bloor & Indian Rd 7:15AM
400 & Hwy 7 7:45 AM 400 & Hwy 7 7:45AM
Bus 2
Yonge & Eglington 7:15 AM
Yonge & York Mills 7:25 AM
400 & Hwy 7 7:45 AM

Blue Mountain Monday

Bloor & Indian Rd 6:45 AM

Yonge & Eglington 7:15 AM

Yonge & York Mills 7:25 AM

400 & Hwy 7 7:45 AM

Private Clubs or Blue M Wednesday
One Bus
Bloor & Indian Rd 6:45 AM

Yonge & Eglington 7:15 AM

Yonge & York Mills 7:25 AM

400 & Hwy 7 7:45 AM

What happens on a typical daytrip?

Check out our handy guide to see how a High Park Ski Club day trip unfolds.

Day Trip Registration Policies

Registering for a Downhill Day Trip

  • Saturday, Sunday and Monday day trip registration closes Thursday at 6pm 
  • Wednesday trip registration closes Monday at 6pm 
  • Registered members will receive an email with details of bus pick-up points and times
  • To learn more about our Snow School and the levels of instruction, click here

Day Trip Schedule

  1. Register for the trip 
  2. Check pick-up times and locations
  3. Pack for the day. See full packing list below
  4. Set your alarm clock, the bus leaves on time
  1. Arrive at your pickup location 10-15 minutes before the bus
  2. Load skis underneath bus, boots go under bus seats and bags in storage bins. Boots do not belong in the overhead bins.
  3. Relax, sit back and enjoy the bus ride! The bus captain will announce important information on lesson times and meeting locations, bus departure time and location, and other information about the day. The bus captain will distribute “chits”. Hold onto your chit, this will be redeemed at the hill for a lift ticket from the bus captain
  4. Unload bus, and find your bus captain to return your chit and obtain your lift ticket. 
  5. Lock your skis/board outside the lodge and head into the lodge to get ready. We highly recommend locking your board/skis/poles to the ski locks to avoid having gear stolen 
  6. Rentals: if you are renting equipment, let the bus captain know and they can arrange an instructor to help you if you are unfamiliar with the hill. Rentals are available at Mount St. Louis Moonstone in the main lodge, and Blue Mountain at the South Lodge
  7. Lockers are available at Mount St. Louis Moonstone for a $5 deposit, $2 will be returned to you at the end of the day with return of your key and offers unlimited access to the locker throughout the day. Blue Mountain lockers are coin operated and do not offer unlimited opens (you have to pay to close the locker every time you open it). Private clubs do not offer lockers
  8. Morning lessons (exact time to be announced on bus). Please arrive 10 minutes before the lessons start to find your instructor and fellow step members.
    Mount St Louis, Saturdays: Meet at 10:20 by the ski racks between the 6-pack and quad chairs, MSL side.
    - lessons run 10:30 am to 12:00 noon.
    - Sleep-in Saturdays: lessons will begin 2pm. Exact times will be announced on the bus. Same location as Saturdays.
    Blue Mountain, Sundays and Mondays:
    - South Base Lodge: Meet at 10:50 outside the South Base Lodge (near the Southern Comfort Chairlift). Rentals are available here.
    - Inn Cafe: Meet at 10:50 at the bottom of Happy Valley (outside the Inn Cafe) on the west side. Rentals are not available here, the closest location is Activity Central in the Village.
    Wednesday trips: (various locations):
    - Meet at 10:20 outside the ski lodge, as directed by the instructors.
    - Lessons run 10:30 am to 12:00 noon. 
  9. Afternoon open ski/board. Members will typically meet before the bus for a beverage/food • Return your rental equipment, pack-up and head to the bus
  10. Arrive at the bus 10-15 minutes before departure. Remember your bus number if there are multiple buses. Be in your seat 5 minutes before departure time. Remember, the bus leaves at departure time – do not arrive at the bus exactly at departure time. The bus will leave without you
  11. Sit, back and share stories about your great day on the hill. If you are active on social media, spread the fun online by tagging HPSC via any of our social media channels
  • Find the next day trip you’d like to ski/board and register!

Can I cancel a booking? 

If you can’t make the trip you’ve booked, you can cancel by sending us an email. Please read over the Downhill Cancellation Policy which provides the details, rules and process for doing so.

I missed the registration deadline - can I still go? 

When checking the trip status, you will notice that some trips allow “walk ons”. We always encourage members to register for the trip online before the deadline as we have to order buses and Snow School has to match instructors to expected demand. But we sometimes find ourselves with some extra seats on the bus. Those seats are offered to members at the same prices as for online registration and members literally walk on to the bus and pay for the trip in cash (exact change would be great). 

If there is room on the bus for walk-ons, the prices will be posted on the trip status page. We'll also let you know if you can walk at any pickup location or only the last location at Highways 7 and 400. If you do walk on when there is no space on the bus, you will be asked to leave the bus before we depart the Highways 7 and 400 location. Sorry but we can't have members standing on the bus for health and safety reasons.

Equipment and Clothing

What should I wear? Tips for first-time skiers and snowboarders

There’s no need for expensive, fancy ski clothes your first time skiing/boarding. Raid your closet first and when you fall in love with skiing or boarding, you can upgrade your wardrobe. Here’s a handy list to get you started. 

Base-layer This is the layer worn next to your skin and keeps you warm, dry and comfortable. 

  • Synthetic (usually polyester, including athletic wear) clothes that have "wicking" power. This means the clothes will move sweat away from your skin so it will evaporate
  • Silk and merino wool are also good, natural fabrics that have wicking abilities
  • Avoid Cotton as it absorbs moisture and can make you feel cold. Remember… Your #1 priority is to stay warm

Middle Layer This middle or “insulating” layer is to keep heat in and cold out.

  • Includes sweaters, vests, pullovers, and may include pants over your base layer
  • Popular materials include fleece, wool and acrylic
  • Avoid jeans as they are stiff and may limit your movement on the slopes. If they get wet, they will stay wet and heavy all day. Sweatpants or a sweatshirt over a synthetic base-layer would be better

Exterior Layer The exterior or “protection” layer protects you from the elements and should repel water and block the wind. 

  • A winter jacket or shell and waterproof but breathable pants 
  • Depending on how well-insulated your outer layer is, you may need more or less middle-layers
  • Important Tip: Think Shrek! Clothes for winter sports should be in layers like an onion. They allow for the flexibility to add or remove layers in case you get hot or cold

Socks We recommend one purchase: A good pair of ski socks that can cost around $30. Ski socks will wick away sweat and are made to minimize rubbing so you don’t get blisters. There is no cotton in ski socks. They are usually a blend of synthetic materials and wool. 

Important tip: do not double-up on socks. Not only could it limit circulation to your feet (making your feet colder), but it may cause your socks to bunch up and cause blisters.


  • A warm, waterproof pair of winter gloves or mittens. 
  • A helmet (if you are renting equipment, they are usually included in the package price). Note: Anyone participating in a lesson must wear a helmet.
  • If you don’t have goggles, bring sunglasses. They aren’t as warm or protective as goggles, but they will help keep the wind, snow and UV rays out of your eyes. 
For more information, check out these links:
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