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How to Sign Up For a Day Trip

Registering for trips and lessons

  • Register for a bus trip or drive up lesson through our website. The trips available are in the calendar on the registration page. Trips are open for registration approximately one month before the trips.

  • *NEW FOR 2023/2024 season - Starting this season, to hopefully reduce the no-show rate, we are opening drive-up registration on a weekly rolling basis, so you have a better idea of your schedule and the weather. This means that drive-up registration for the weekly day trips will now open on the previous week's Saturday evening and remain open until the regular deadline, Tuesday by 6 pm for Sat/Sun/Mon trips and Sunday for the Wed trip by 6pm.

  • Tip: Log into the website before you register. Then all your information will populate. 
  • The registration deadline for Saturday, Sunday and Monday trips is now the prior Tuesday by 6pm
  • NEW: For Wednesday trips the deadline is now Sunday by 6pm the week prior to the trip.
  • Registered members will receive an email before the trip with the lesson time and place as well other pertinent information. 
  • To learn more about our Snow School and the levels of instruction, click here

What to do before the trip

  1. For Blue Mountain and MSLM, purchase your lift ticket online through the resort (if needed). For the private hills, you will purchase your lift ticket on the day when you arrive at the resort. Do not call the resorts in advance.  
  2. If you need rentals, you must reserve and pay for them yourself online prior to the trip. For Blue Mountain and MSLM, do this through the resort websites when you pay for your lift ticket. 
  3. Pack for the day. Be sure to bring enough warm clothing as you will have little access to indoor space.
  4. Pay attention to the pre-trip email. It will include all the information you need re lessons, time, locations etc. The same information will also be posted on the Day Trip Status Page. You must be logged into the website to see this page.  


Alpine skiing or Snowboarding

  1. Login to the HPSC website with your username and password to see the trips offered.
  2. To see the list of upcoming trips, on the menu, click on Day Trips and then click on Downhill in the drop down menu.
  3. Choose the trip you'd like to sign up for from either the Upcoming Events list on the left of your screen (for trips in the next week or so) or scroll to the bottom of the the page to view all trips currently open for registration presented in a monthly calendar.
  4. Click on the link - the blue trip description (event list) or the blue rectangle (calendar) to go to the registration page for that trip There are additional links of interest on the main trip registration page.
  5. DRIVE-UPs:  Members driving up to the resort and participate in lessons must purchase their lift ticket through HPSC, as no walk-up tickets will be sold at hills. Passholders are only required to register if they are taking a lesson and driving up. However they MUST register and pay under the separate Drive-up event which are on the Events list. 
  6. Unless otherwise noted the deadlines for registration are as follows: For weekend and Monday trips, registration deadline is by 6pm on the Tuesday prior. For Wednesday trips, registration is 6pm Thursday prior to the trip.   

How to complete a Downhill Day Trip registration:

  1. Verify that this is the trip that you are interested in. On the right side are additional trip details such as if this is a late departure trip, an après party trip, etc. If you are driving up instead of taking the bus, there is a link on the right to take you to a separate registration page for that trip. On the left side of the screen will be a number stating the spaces left. The maximum number of participants is based on the number and capacity of the buses that are projected to be used, the number of available spaces may increase or decrease without notice.
  2. A little lower down on the left are the trip registration options with their prices. If the option is greyed out, it is not available based on your membership category. Proceed to the next step by pressing the "Register" button below that list.
  3. The email on file is automatically displayed on the next page. This is the same as the username email. If you use a different email address, emails regarding the trip you are registering for will be sent to that address. Click “Next”.
  4. Choose your registration category. All categories include a seat on the bus and the options will vary depending on the trip destination.
    • Bus and Lift Ticket: the club will purchase a lift ticket for you at the group rate. This is the most common registration category. For Mt St Louis (MSLM), Blue Mountain and other select resorts, there is a separate category for Bus and Senior Lift Ticket. Note the age requirements as listed in the registration categories.
    • Ticket Only (I have a bus voucher): there may be a choice for regular or senior. You will be “paying” for your bus seat with a bus voucher. You will have to enter a valid voucher number in a later page. You must bring the voucher with you on the bus. If you forget the bus voucher your account will be invoiced for $35, but you can use the voucher on another trip. No exceptions.
    • Bus Only (I have a lift ticket or pass): you are booking only a seat on the bus. You either have to purchase a lift ticket at the resort or have a pass for the resort. In any case, are responsible for your own lift.  
    • Instructor (I am instructing on this trip): Instructors who have committed to instructing on this trip and want to book a bus seat.

    Press “Next” after selecting the registration category to continue the process.

  5. Your personal details are automatically filled in. You will need to make a choice in each of the other trip details. Those with a red asterisk are required items.
    • Rentals: For Mt St Louis (MSLM) trips, All rentals can be arranged at For Blue Mountain trips, on Sunday's rentals can be arranged for pickup at South Base at  For Blue Mountain Monday trips, rentals are not encouraged as the bus drop off location is not conducive to rental pickup.  For private ski trips, please email to see if rentals are possible. Any rentals would have to be arranged by the member.
    • Ski lessons: choose either a regular lesson at your desired step level or a ski program that you are interested in taking. If you have never taken a lesson with HPSC, then you will select ski assessment which allows HPSC to evaluate and then place you into the appropriate step level. If you do not want a ski lesson choose “None”.
    • Snowboard lessons: As snowboard lessons are not available on all HPSC trips and this option is only available for those trips where snowboard lessons or programs are offered. If  you have never taken a boarding lesson with HPSC, choose SB Assessment. Otherwise, select the lesson category you'd like to be in. If you are booking a ski lesson choose “None” here. Similarly if you make a selection here, you should have chosen “None” for ski lessons.
    • Bus Pickup Location: Choose the pickup point you would like to use (see a list of downhill pickup locations). If you are driving up to take a lesson, you have to use the "Drive Up" link found on each trip's main registration page and book through a separate page. If a location isn't given as a choice, then it is not available for that trip. Bay and Queen's Quay is only used when two or more buses are being run on a Saturday trip. Since the number of buses will not be known until after registration, be prepared to use another pickup location if Bay and Queen's Quay cannot be offered. The information will be posted on the Downhill Trip Status page and in the status email sent to you.
    • Bus Voucher Holders Only: if you're registering using a bus voucher to pay for your bus seat, enter the voucher number here. If you forget the bus voucher on the day of the trip, your account will be invoiced for $35, but you can use the voucher on another trip. No exceptions.
    • If you would like other members to see your name in a list of trip participants, make sure the box is checked for the question "Include name in list of event registrants". If you uncheck the box, you will be listed as "anonymous". You cannot alter this once the registration has been processed. Even though the form states that the information is "Public", only other members who are logged in may see the list.
    Click the “Next” button to move forward in the process.

  6. Review your trip details to make sure they are correct. You may either move “Back” to the previous page to make a change, “Cancel” to exit and restart the registration process or “Confirm” to move on to the payment page.

    If you press “Confirm”, you will have to make an online payment by credit card.

  7. Provide your information and credit card details and pay online for the trip. Allow a small amount of time for the transaction to be processed. When successful, you will get a registration confirmation page and will also receive a registration confirmation email.

Don't forget to check the Downhill Day Trip Status page after 8:00 pm on Tuesday for Saturday, Sunday and Monday downhill day trips and after 8:00 pm on Sunday for Wednesday downhill day trips for trip status, pickup times and locations and other trip details. You will also receive a trip status email to the address used earlier in the process.

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