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Let's Embrace Winter Together!

Build your Snowboarding skills in a safe and fun environment with our lessons. Our instructors are professionally certified with the Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI), and take ongoing training in both teaching and technical skill development, meaning you are guaranteed the highest level of instruction.  

Snowboarding School 2023- 24 Season

As part of the Snow School all instructors must attend mandatory technical sessions both on and off the hill, provided by elite Snow School professionals throughout Ontario and Quebec. We deliver lessons based on CASI standards, promoting and teaching the importance of safety along with a focus on fun and meeting our members. This year due to the pandemic, all instructors will be trained in new safety protocol procedures ensuring the safety of our members.

All Participants must wear helmets in any lesson.

You must pre-register for any program or lesson when you sign up for a day trip. 

Snowboarding Regular Lessons

We have a lesson for you no matter what your skill level is….beginner, novice, intermediate or advanced.

Regular snowboard lessons for beginner, novice and intermediate are offered on Saturday day trips to MSLM.  Snowboarders are grouped according to ability for lessons.


Never snowboarded before or cannot stop or turn. A beginner cannot get on or off a chair lift without falling.


Has ridden a chair lift and can independently get on and off.

Can turn and stop under control. Can get up after falling independently. Green runs are manageable but cause anxiety.


Can ride most blue runs turning and stopping under control.

Shows flexion and extension

Black diamonds runs are humbling


Enjoy the challenge of black diamond runs and can ride with controlled movem

Please arrive 10 minutes early for lesson line-up and organization. If you have signed up for a snowboard program, come to the lesson line up to meet your program leader.

Introduction to Park Program (March 2 and March 16)

In this park program the instructor will take students into freestyle terrain, and teach introductory / basic manoeuvres on beginner terrain park features safely via progression-based teaching methods.

Snowboarding IT Program (March 9)

Interested in becoming a snowboard instructor? We want you!

The standards for the Level 1 Canadian Association of Snowboard Instructors (CASI) require you to pass both riding and teaching evaluations. In order to help you achieve success on the course the HPSC offers this Instructor Training program, and gives you the potential to join the snow school.  You should only take this course if you love to snowboard, and have a desire to work with the instructors at the High Park Ski Club, and introduce new students to snowboarding.

You should be able to ride in control. Keep a consistent speed regardless of terrain, pitch and snow conditions (on intermediate terrain - blue runs). Complete round, finished turns. Ride with your knees flexed. Have the ability to slowly demonstrate a big, wide turn. Have the ability to demonstrate at a very slow speed, basic snowboarding maneuvers such as side slipping & pendulum without losing your balance. The ability to change the size of your turns from large to medium to smaller. Make sure you review the Level 1 Riding Standards video for more info on the riding requirements (CASI, 2021).

I’ve never taught before...

No problem - that’s what the course is all about. The Evaluators are there to teach you how to teach so you’ll be able to go out and give a great first lesson to new snowboarders. The teaching portion makes up half of your mark. As an instructor, your job is to teach and demonstrate. If you are outgoing, self-confident, and speak audibly and clearly, you are likely the type of person who will do well in the teaching portion of the course. It is also important to be on time, pay attention and ask questions when needed (CASI, 2021). Be involved and have fun!

You should only take this course if you love to snowboard, and have a desire to work with the instructors at the High Park Ski Club, and introduce new students to snowboarding. 

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