High Park Ski Club

Your reasons to Join

Whether you are a beginning skier or a returning skier—we have many of both—you have the best of reasons to join High Park Ski Club. The people you ski with, the people who instruct you and the people who have made this club work for 67 years are at the heart of it.

First, you have decided that the exercise and camaraderie of a snow sport is the best way to enjoy our Canadian winters. Or you’re determined to ski, board or snowshoe more often. Or you’ve decided you’ve been away from your favourite winter sport for too long. Here’s why it makes perfect sense to turn to the High Park Ski Club.

HPSC is one of the oldest and largest non-profit travelling ski and snowboard clubs in Canada. In continuous operation since 1950, HPSC has full programs for downhill skiing and snowboarding, and for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

There are regular day trips in Ontario and weekend trips farther afield for all skiers, snowboarders and snowshoers. And for many years HPSC has organized long trips for downhill skiers to top international resorts. In and out of season, the year is filled with social events, including our very popular Ski Fit outings. There are also several “Test Drive” days on which you can invite friends to try the High Park experience.

All of these activities are enriched by the quality of the lessons you get from our instructors, all certified by the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance. High Park has been building its ski school for many decades, so that our members receive the best in beginner, intermediate and advanced instruction. And your lessons are free with your membership.

You will make good friends. Members will tell you that they have met many new friends through the High Park Ski Club. It’s very easy to fall into conversation with people who share similar interests, and lasting friendships come naturally. And more: over the years many, many members have found their life long partners at HPSC. It has been said that the real test of a sports club is how well people get along—High Park passes that test with flying colours and has for years.

You have a choice of 59 Downhill Day Trips: Our day trips to local Ontario resorts run from early December to end of March—with your ski and snowboard lessons provided with your membership.

You travel on a large, comfortable charter bus to and from the resort. You can get on at any of 5 pickup locations across the GTA. Each weekend we travel to Mount St Louis/Moonstone and Blue Mountain. To see the schedules, pickup locations and all that you can expect with HPSC see our Downhill Day Trip Schedule here. That includes the discounts you enjoy as a member of the club.

You save as a club member on every trip.  With the special rates we enjoy, we estimate that members save an average of at least $30 for lift or trail tickets and transportation on every day trip. When you take free lessons with High Park, your savings can add up to another $50 or more.

You have a choice of 30 XCountry Day trips: Our day trips to as many as 9 different Ontario ski resorts run from early to December to the end of March—your classic and skate ski lessons are included in your membership. There are regular club races for all levels, with lots of prizes given out. There are after ski events and special dinner trips to the best restaurants in the local ski areas. To see the schedules, our pickup locations and all that you can expect with HPSC see our XCountry Day Trip Schedule here.

You can also join our growing Snowshoe group: Snowshoeing is one of the fastest-growing winter sports in Canada and we have a regular group of snowshoers on XCountry day trips. There are many guided outings on a beautiful selection of trails.

You can sign up for your day trip in a matter of minutes. Sign up online and show up ready to get on the bus. HPSC volunteers take care of the rest. Downhill skiers may also register to drive up and join our HPSC lessons on location.

You can invite your friends on Test Drive Days: We have 4 days through the season when you can invite your friends to join you on an HPSC Day Trip. For Downhill and Snowboarding, they are December 00 and January 00, for XCountry and Snowshoeing, January 00 and January 00.

You can join your friends on Weekend Trips and Long Trips. All club members can sign up for weekend trips. Downhill skiers can sign up for week-long excursions to international resorts. You will see all the details on our Long Trips here.

You are welcome at many other events throughout the year. We have lots of Social Events scheduled in the city as well, including hikes, snowshoe outings and pub nights.  You are welcome at events all year round, including our Ski Fit outings, one of the most popular activities at HPSC.

You can save by joining before winter.  Returning members who are renewing their membership may join for $150 plus HST if paid before Nov 1st and $170 plus HST as of November 1st. 

New members receive a welcoming price.  New members (age 21 years of age or older) are welcome to join throughout the season for $150 plus HST.  Join on the website with your VISA or MasterCard. As soon as your payment has been processed, you will receive an email receipt.  New members will also receive an email with a temporary password for logging into the club's website.  You will then be able to choose your own password the first time you log in.

As a new member, you will hear from one of our HPSC Ambassadors. Your ambassador is a member-volunteer who will welcome you and answer any questions you have throughout your first year. The website is also a great source of information. If you need clarification on anything though, we are there for you at membership@hspc.ca. We don't want you to struggle!

Round out your membership by volunteering.  Our club is run entirely by volunteers. Many of our members bring their time, skills and enthusiasm to the club and find that it enriches their membership experience.  If you would like to volunteer, we encourage you to complete your areas of interest in your membership application and contact volunteers@hspc.ca.

 Welcome to High Park Ski Club!