High Park Ski Club


About High Park Ski Club

Welcome! High Park Ski Club is one of the oldest continuous ski clubs in Toronto and the city’s largest travelling ski club. Since 1950 it has welcomed downhill skiers, cross-country skiers and, in the past two decades, snowboarders and snowshoers.

Throughout the snow season, High Park members enjoy day trips every weekend, weekend trips and week-long downhill charter trips to resorts in North America and Europe. The club is fuelled by friendship and there are social events all year long.

Included in a High Park membership are free beginner, intermediate and advanced lessons with an exceptional school of instructors. High Park is a club for active singles and couples 21 years or more. For more details on how this unique club works, see below.

How to Enjoy Winter with High Park Ski Club

For beginning skiers, those who want to ski more often, or those who want to get back to skiing, High Park Ski Club has the answer. Every weekend from December to March there are day trips for Downhill skiers and Snowboarders, and for XCountry skiers and Snowshoers.

Every Saturday and Sunday High Park offers Downhill and Snowboarding day trips to Mount St-Louis and/or Blue Mountain (see our Downhill Day Trip Schedule here).

And every Saturday and Sunday High Park offers XCountry and Snowshoeing day trips to many of the finest cross-country destinations in Ontario (see our XCountry Day Trip Schedule here).

For downhill skiers and snowboarders, there are also Monday day trips to Blue Mountain and Wednesday day trips to leading private ski resorts in Ontario.

Day trips are at the heart of the High Park experience, getting skiers, boarders and snowshoers out every weekend. Each day trips package includes your bus ticket, lift or trail ticket (with our club discount) and free lessons from our instructors, all of whom are certified by the Canadian Ski Instructors Alliance (CSIA) or Canadian Association of Snowboarding Instructors (CASI).

Every season several day trips are set aside as party or dinner trips. And two Downhill and two XCountry day trips are designated as Test Drives, so that members can bring friends along.

High Park also brings its long experience to the organization of weekend bus trips (free lessons included) and week-long charter trips to leading resorts in western Canada, the U.S. and Europe (see details on Long Trips here).

High Park Ski Club has social events during the ski season and through the rest of the year, including popular Ski Fit outings. Entirely run by volunteers, High Park is a club in the best sense of the word. Over the years, many friendships have been formed and friends come together to ski in the best of company year after year. Please explore our website to see how you can get the best out of winter with High Park.